Mohadese Razzaghi

1396 Got B.A in English translation, Tabaran University, Meshad
1397 to date Started learning the French language at Jahan-e- elm
1395 Have got TTC certificate, Hafez institution.
1394 Have got TTC certificate for kindergartens, Khate-sefid institution.
1391-1393 Have finished FCE levels to level three, Jahane-elm institution.
1388-1392 Have got high school diploma in mathematics, Farzane high
School, Meshad, Iran
1388-1391 Have finished MIC levels to level twelve, Hafez Institution,
Mashad, Iran.
1397 to date Working as an English teacher at Shokuh Iran institute
1396 Worked at Etehad law firm as an Immigration Agent and
And translator Started From Bahman to Tir
1396 Worked as an English teacher at Mahtab kindergarten for
3 months.
1395-1396 worked at Tabaran University Publication and coffee net;
Started Bahman 1395 to Aban 1396.
1396 Worked as an English teacher at Zaban Andish institute.
1395 to date started doing a translation for Honare-Taalim translation website.
1395 Worked as an English teacher at Gole-Zendegi and Pishro
Kindergartens; started from Mehr 1395- Khordad 1396.
1395 Worked as an English teacher in Rahe- Eram Elementary school;
1395- Khordad 1396
1395 Worked as an English teacher in basic levels at Zaban-Andish
Institute for three Semesters.
1395 Worked as an English teacher in basic, lower intermediate and
Intermediate levels at Meraj-Andishe (13th) and Fattah institute.
1394-1395 Worked as an English teacher in Khate-sefid institution in
Kindergartens. Have done the job in two kindergartens; Janan
Kindergarten; Mehr to Khordad 1394-95 and Gole-Zendegi
Kindergarten; Mehr 1394- Khordad 1396
1393 to date working as a medical assistant for Red Crescent society of I.R.Iran
1392 to date working as a tutor for advanced levels, teaching modern books.
1392 to date working as translator
1392 to date Top student in many courses in University.
1388-1391 Top student in MIC 3, 1388
Reading English novels
Watching English movies
I read, speak and write English well.


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